How ya like my hat? Wizards

How ya like my hat? Wizards


I was enjoying my lunch at the local diner when three tall men came over to my table. One pulled out the chair across from me and sat down, while the others stood towering over me, one on either side. I looked over at Betty hoping for some help, but she turned and walked out the door leaving me to fend for myself.


The one that sat down asked, “Do you know who I am?”


“I’m not sure, but you look like Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.”


“You’re right, then you know me and my friends don’t like your hat!”


“Wwwwhat’s wrong with my hat?”


“We’re not Wizards fans!”


About that time the bell rings above the front door. It’s was Betty coming back and it looked like she brought the whole town with her. She said, “WOW! Dwayne Wade! Can I get your autograph?”


While the town distracted the basketball players, I hid behind the counter. After Betty got their autographs she came over and said, “I couldn’t let you have all the fun, so I brought reinforcements. What were y’all talking about anyway?”


“They didn’t like my hat.”


Then Wade came over and said, “I’m on my way to visit my sister and her daughter. I don’t like it, but my niece is a Wizards fan and I forgot to get her a gift. When I saw your hat I thought my friends and I could talk you out of it.”


“We might be able to work something out. How about you pay for my lunch, give Betty a picture of you guys for her wall and tell your niece, “Happy Birthday!”, then I’ll give you the hat.”


“Deal!” After everything calmed down, I went back to my table and there were three one hundred dollar bills laying there.




Just messin, paid a buck for it at a yard sale.


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