Guest blog: Casual Conversation

I would like to introduce our new guest blogger known as, “sweetpea”.




Casual Conversation


Wall: “Hi”
Ceiling: “Hello”– in a soft sweet voice
Wall: “How are you?”
Ceiling: “Fine, how do you like my new design and colors?”
Wall: “It doesn’t match me-I’m so drab. Besides, who’s going to like a ceiling that looks like a sunny blue sky, with fluffy white clouds.”
Ceiling: “I do !! I love it” –she’s a sweet little girl and likes pretty things. “Wonder if you will get a new look.”
Wall: “Don’t know yet. I saw some pictures in the corner over there, but nobody could do that !”
Ceiling: “Don’t keep me guessing.”
Wall: “Well, for starters, there’s a can of ecru. What’s ecru?”
Ceiling: “A Victorian cream.”
Wall: “Oh, no , how boring. You look beautiful and I’m still going to be dull and boring.”


The people leave. Both the wall and ceiling are unhappy. And they have all night to think about what will happen next.


Suddenly people are in the room, moving ladders and stirring paints. The wall and ceiling are attentive and watching. The wall is still mad about the ecru and the ceiling has decided she wants birds in her clouds.


Wall: “(pouting) says “you do look beautiful, I’m so so ugly.”
Ceiling: “Wait, look, here comes brown, black, several shades of green and even some blue. What’s that blue for?”
Wall: ” I’m all ecru now, I look so clean and pretty. Wonder what’s next? I’m really getting excited.”


All the people leave. Tomorrow is another day. But the ceiling and wall can’t wait for the sun to come up.


Wall: “Wake up the people are coming back.”
Ceiling: “Yes, but they are different people. You are really going to be different from me.”


People are milling around, opening cans, mixing colors, testing big brushes and little brushes. They are looking at the walls from all angles.


Ceiling: “We are both so excited.”
Wall: “And both of us can watch what is going to happen next.”
Ceiling: “Oh, look at the long brown and black lines. They are developing into a huge tree! They have texture, color and depth. They have so much color. Hey, look at that guy on the tall ladder, what’s he doing ? He has the green and is painting all kinds of beautiful
leaves. Can you see them? From this side I can see everything.”


Wall: “Oh ! ! I have developed into a stunning work of art, I feel like summer in the sun ! But I want more. The pictures in the corner, remember
those? Well they are drawings, I think more is coming.”
Ceiling: “You always want more, but you are the greatest–I love you.”
Wall: blushing….” I love you too. Hey, sorry I didn’t feel your excitement earlier, look at me..I’m a wonderful tree!”

The people clean up again, they are so neat, we can really see so much while they’re gone.

Ceiling: “We are alone again to see the art. There is a little light in the corner and it adds so much ambience in ‘our’ new room.”
Wall: “Try to sleep, tomorrow should be a big day and so much fun. So, I wonder what is next?

And the people arrive…there is the little girl, she has come to look. She smiles and reaches to touch me, she says how real I am….WOW I’m a real tree ! !


Ceiling: “look, they are measuring her….strange….now those drawings are coming from the corner. Look the drawings are a tree house”
Wall: “I will be special, with my own real, live tree house.”


Carpenters begin to measure, cut, saw, hammer, nail boards, tie ropes and paint bright colors
and build a real live tree house in the corner , right in the tree.


Wall: “I can’t believe we are part of a real play room….the tree house fits the little girl exactly. She can climb up and peep out of the openings
By the ceiling….right by the tree…..


Ceiling: ” I can see her, she is a pleasant little doll. Suddenly she begins whistling. Look ! Look ! they’re opening the blue paint. We’re getting
Blue Birds of Happiness.

The sun shines brightly through the Windows, the colors are so real…….the playroom is done. The little girl comes back, with her little brother


Little Girl: “When you get as tall as me, you can climb into the tree house with me…we will have a picnic.”

As the Blue Birds of Happiness take flight from their nooks in the tree and from the sky ….all is good in the very special playroom………


This picture and the picture of the sweet peas were found on the internet for free.


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