Port Tobacco Marina-Wedding

Note: The wedding party had their own paid photographer. However, the photos posted here were taken by me on my cell phone.


Port Tobacco Marina-Wedding


Port Tobacco Marina/Restaurant

On September 24th, Port Tobacco Marina (PTM) was closed to the public in order to provide their beautiful surroundings and talented catering staff for a wedding ceremony.


The day started out with a pleasant breeze and overcast, but rain was not to be seen. By the time the ceremony was underway the sun was out, so the Bride and her entourage were granted the colors they wanted for the background.


The proceedings began at four o’clock on the restaurant side. At five forty five everyone crossed over the walking bridge to the Marina, when the matrimony was performed.


The presiding Minister

The crowd was dressed to the nines, but the Bride was a sight to behold in her flowing white gown. Then everyone crossed back over the bridge for the perfectly catered services performed by Chris and the Marina staff.



The band performed on both sides of the bridge and the photographer was busy capturing the lively crowd and beautiful scenery. The parking and Marina site was organized by the reliable PTM employee Mike Miller and his staff.



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