Your three words, my little story: La Toya’s words

Your three words, my little story
La Toya’s words: love, faith & motivation


She had no idea where she was until she saw a sign that read, “Now entering Sloan. Hope you enjoy your stay.” She must have taken a wrong turn, somewhere in Wilson. Navigation wasn’t her strong suit, but she still had FAITH knowing she wouldn’t be late.


She was so hungry, so, she decided to slow down and look for a bite to eat. Unlike the hurried pace of a large city, so this quaint little town was different.


She turned right turn onto the one-way street that circled the park. In the park, she saw a man reading a paper and a lady sitting next to him feeding the pigeons. She immediately fell in LOVE with Sloan. How could she not? The noonday sun and gentle breeze rustling through the tree leaves presented such a serene setting.


Further down the street, on the right, was a diner. She parked in front of it, got out and headed into the rustic old building. Inside, she hesitated in front of the chalk board that listing the day’s special. The waitress, Betty, greeted her. “Hello, welcome to Grace’s.”


“Hi! Where should I sit?”


“Anywhere you want. I find most people like a booth by the window.”


“Well, so do I.” La Toya sat down so she could watch all the activity in the park and relax.


Betty handed her a menu and a slightly used local paper, then asked, “May I get you something to drink?”


“Yes. May I have a diet Pepsi along with the special please?”


“Sure can. Where ya headin’?”


“I’m going to Arkansas to teach some college students about MOTIVATION.”


“Wow! I never met anyone that teaches that.”


“Me neither. This is my first time and I’m a little nervous.”


“Oh, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Flash em that pretty smile; that will draw them in. Then you can present your message of what motivates you.”



Brownsville, PA


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