Your three words, my little story: Debbie’s words

Note: these words are from my sister and I want the world to know, I love her very much.


Your three words, my little story
Debbie’s words: mountains, blue birds & roses



Debbie was coasting down the foot hills of the Blue Ridge MOUNTAINS, while heading home to see her mom. All of a sudden her right front tire blew out and she saw herself and her car heading towards the woods. Thankfully, she was able to hold on for dear life and guide it to a clearing off the road to her right.


She was probably still several hundred feet up the mountain, she came to a stop at a scenic overlook. It was called Dogwood Valley, because the valley had hundreds of dogwood trees and they were aligned with several different species of fragrant honeysuckles. Added to the mix were an abundance of climbing ROSES that wrapped around an assortment of flowering trees.


The beautiful foliage attracted much wildlife, including eastern BLUE BIRDS recognized by their rust colored breast. They were seen flying in and out of the bountiful fruit trees. This was an absolutely gorgeous spot to have a flat.


Margaret, lived off of route 77, just past Bug’s Pond north east of Sloan. Margaret had been talking about a man she met months ago at the park and Debbie couldn’t wait to meet him. So she took some pictures, changed the tire and got back on the road.



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