Guest blog: Gwyn Dooley’s poem, The Little Shoot

I would like to introduce a good friend of mine, Gwyn Dooley, from Georgia. She will join our, Guest Bloggers and hopefully bring us more of her writings from time to time.


Gwyn Dooley


In the garden of the Lord, I stand, an ancient, gnarled tree
I am not fair to look upon but the Lord delights in me
I was just a tiny, little seed when my life first began
So full of hope and promise, tucked safely in God’s Hand
Until one day He dropped me into the loamy earth
And stood by calmly waiting, until it gave me birth
I sprang forth green and tender, just a tiny, fearful shoot
To whom the Father whispered, “Someday you’ll bear much fruit!”
So, under the Father’s watchful gaze I grew up, stout and strong
And thrived beneath the loving sun when summer days were long
I lifted high my branches for all the world to see
I thought the Lord would notice and be so proud of me
But much to my dismay, He cut my fragile stem
And pruned back my long branches and thinned my wayward limbs
I cried, “Be gentle, Savior! I’m just a tiny, little shoot!”
My Father whispered softly, “Someday you’ll bear much fruit!”
As the summer came and went, I feared the autumn winds
That swirled and moaned around me, my branches sway and bend
But I did not snap or break but grew stronger with each puff
It hardened me for winters, when the icy winds were gruff
And so after many seasons, in all kinds of rugged weather
My limbs grew knotty and twisted, my bark as tough as leather
I hung my head when God walked by and looked upon my frame
I could not bear to see His Face, I felt such bitter shame
Oh, what a sorry sight I was, no more that tender shoot
To whom the Father whispered, “Someday you’ll bear much fruit!”
But much to my surprise, I heard Him say with glee
“You’re just exactly what I’d planned my little shoot to be!
For many birds do perch upon your limbs and rest
And feed upon your berries and build their tiny nests!
I AM so pleased with you, My tender, little shoot!
I always knew one day that you would bear much fruit!”

by: Gwyn Dooley


Taken from Port Tobacco Marina, Maryland

For as the earth bringeth forth her bud and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nation.
Isaiah 61:11


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