Past, present & plans: 9-30-16

Past, present & plans 9-30-16




My brother, George, and I used to play Cowboy and Indians, but on the farm we were able to use a real horse. The Indian was always on the horse and he would get shot off by the cowboy all the time. We had to be careful though, not to dive off the horse and onto a tobacco stalk. Each of us did that a couple of times and it never felt good.


We also had vines hanging from the trees in our woods, so we would swing on the vines pretending to be Tarzan. That was a lot of fun.


One time we picked up some tobacco ground leaves and took them to our hiding spot. While in there we rolled the leaves into a cigar and lit it up. After a draw each, we decided that we didn’t want to do that anymore. Maybe, if we had been smokers and needed a cigarette bad, it would have tasted better; but, this was terrible.




My buddy, Raymond, and I went to the Clark Senior Center today and had a great time. Raymond is very knowledgeable in a lot of areas and I try to be a little funny, so between us we tend to attract some really nice people.


Raymond next to his grand father’s gravesite at, “Arlington National Cemetery”.

We decided we’ll go back to the center and take advantage of the fun they have scheduled for us. If you’re sixty or older you can join for free in less than ten minutes; and, a lot of the activities are free also. It’s a very worth while organization.




Next week Raymond and I are going down to Georgia to visit some of his kin folk. We always seem to enjoy ourselves there. Two of the guest bloggers for, “From my Head to Yours” live down there. It will be good to see and hug them again.


Gwyn Dooley and I, a couple of years ago. Gwyn is the Author of, “The Little Shoot” in my blog, “From my Head to Yours”.


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