How ya like my hat? Hog hat

How ya like my hat? Hog hat


Sometimes I ask people questions that I already know the answers to. If they tell me a lie or act like they know something they don’t, then I can place them in the category they belong.


Dad taught me, “You can ask a person who they are and learn what they tell you. Or you can watch a person and see who they are.” I didn’t understand what that meant then; but decades later I realized my dad was wiser than I gave him credit for.


I’m a Washington Redskin fan and have been for a long time. I wear my Skin’s Jersey during every game; and, if we win I may not wear it the next day, but if we lose, I always wear it the next day.


I was at a bar on a Monday evening after a Redskin’s loss, so of course I was wearing my jersey. There was a Cowboy fan there and after following my dad’s advice, I knew what category this guy belonged in, the know it all category.


He told me, “If you wear this hat for an hour, I will buy you a beer and give you ten dollars.”


Not being one to pass up a picture of any head gear for my hat gig, I said, “Sure.” He ended up drunk and forgot about the hat so I gratefully took it home and the ten dollars.


Just messin: My grandson, Blake, gave me this hat for Christmas a couple years ago. It’s too hot to wear in the summer, but I do wear it in the winter. I’m sure him and his mom, Maria, bought it as a joke gift, but I cherish it.


Note: paragraphs one, two, three and seven are true, but paragraph four, five and six are not.



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