Marble, NC trip: day 1

Marble, NC trip: day 1

My buddy, Raymond, has enjoyed genealogy for decades and through his research he found a lot of his family tree in the mountains of western North Carolina and Georgia. This prompted him to buy a vacation spot twelve years ago in Marble, NC., that he visits a half a dozen times a year.

He asked me to go with him this week and of course I said, “Yes.” When we left Southern Maryland on Wednesday at 3 am, it took us twelve hours to get to Marble. However, I let him down because I wasn’t able to drive, at all. Poor guy caught thirty minutes of shut eye half way down so he could finish the trip.

Hurricane Matthew was getting ready to pound the eastern shore of Florida and Raymond’s son lived directly in the deadly storm’s path. This added heartache on top of the exhaustion. After much worry and prayers, we found out that his son was alright and never even lost power.

After we arrived in town; we cut the water on; plugged in the refrigerator and checked a few other items off of his check list. Being a glutton for punishment, but a lover of ice cream we went out to a town called Murphy to satisfy our sweet tooth.


Amie Sue

Raymond knew of a place called “No Name, Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor”. Fantastic place with a charming shop owner named Amie Sue. We sat at the counter of the fifties styled business establishment and enjoyed two delicious banana splits. Met some nice people then went home and recharged for day two.


No Name, Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor


No Name, Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor


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