Random thoughts: Boiled peanuts

Random thoughts: Boiled peanuts


I found this picture on the internet.

I’ve been traveling down to North Carolina and Georgia for years now. “Boiled Peanuts” are for sale everywhere and I finally ate one yesterday. Honesty, I wasn’t impressed.


I’m sure I eat stuff that others might not like. For instance crabs; what was going through the mind of the first person who ate a crab? Maybe he was hungry and eventually figured out how to steam them. I’m from Maryland and I’ve eaten so many crabs, that I’m tired of them. Now a days, after two crabs I want a hamburger.


The lonely crab I wrangled in that morning, off of my houseboat.

I love peanuts; all kinds of them. It’s very difficult for me to eat them with most of my teeth gone. It takes me forever to get through a small hand full.


As I said, when I tasted my first boiled peanut yesterday I did not enjoy it. It was soggy, mushy and had an odd after taste. Later, I realized that I was not picking little pieces of nuts out of the few teeth I have left and it was real easy to chew. Maybe, just maybe, the first person to boil peanuts liked them, but didn’t have any teeth.


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Boiled peanuts

  1. haha even i love eating peanuts, though i like them salted…. i carry it with me all the time….
    i was wondering the same the other day about the crabs……
    would love to read more from you about your experiences with the world


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