Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words

Your three words, my little story
Gwyn’s words: avarice, furtive and vacuous


John never likes going to the city, but they need the money. His wife told him, “This is the only possible job we have honey. We really need this.”


“I know sweetie. We could end up with the roof, siding, drywall and trim. It could feed us for a few months.”
The client was a nice man, but had no construction sense at all. With a client like that they will either put all their trust in you or stand over you and question everything you say or do.
This client thinks everything can be done in five minutes. So it wasn’t a surprise to see his VACUOUS AVARICE attitude toward the time and price of the bid. “I didn’t think it would take this long or cost this much.”


John explained the job, step by step, then the client realized the hard work and experience needed to finish a job of this size.


Before John could go to Sloan and deposit the check into his account, he pulled into the Hechinger’s parking lot. He sat in his truck for awhile, looking at his material list and wondering how much he owed them. A check of this size will take several days to clear. So he wouldn’t be able to pay the bill down or off, till the end of the week.


He felt a little embarrassed and FURTIVE about walking into the store. He can always go to the Sloan Hardware, but he can save hundreds if he bought the bulk of the material here.


He decided to go to his bank and prepare to start the job next week. He thought one day at a time is normally a safe approach.


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