Past, present & plans: 10-30-16

Past, present & plans 10-30-16




We raised several acres of tobacco on the farm and at different times dad would hire some of my friends to help.


In case you don’t know, tobacco plants produce what we called suckers and that’s where tobacco seeds come from. If you let the seeds grow the rest of the plant doesn’t grow as well, so you should remove the suckers.



Try to remove the suckers before they flower


There are several ways you can remove the suckers. One is by taking your thumb and fore finger of the same hand and bend the sucker till it pops off. The second way, is to take one hand and bend the sucker over and cut it off with a knife that’s in the other hand.


This one particular day my best friend, Jimmy and I, were topping the tobacco. We were topping two rows apiece at a time, while racing to the end of the rows. Jimmy was popping with his bare hands and I was cutting with a hawkbill knife.



Hawkbill knife


As I was looking to see how far a head of me he was, I cut into my left index finger knuckle and had to go to the hospital. I guess now we know which way is faster, safer too.




Yesterday was a busy day, but a very fun day too. I hung with my buddy Matt most of the day. First I showed him a lot and trailer I was thinking about buying, it fell through by the way. Second we went to a Metro PCS store in Waldorf where Matt bought a new phone.



As a single man, I could live here for the rest of my life.


Thirdly, we attended an event sponsored by Life’s Journey Writer’s Guild, LJWG for short. LJWG is a place where writers go for information and inspiration. Matt and I have a thirst to become writers, so it seems like a good place where we can learn.


It was called the LJWG’s Big Quarterly and held at Regency Furniture Stadium, where the Blue Crabs play baseball. The affair included approximately twenty different kinds of venders. Several members of the LJWG were selling and signing they’re books. An excellent buffet and all of this was free to the public. Close to a hundred guest visited and listen to the vendor’s sales pitch. Excellent turn out, but it was missing one thing and that was YOU.


St. Charles, MD




No plans today except, watch the Redskins play football in London, England. My buddy Larry did say, “Let’s go to Marie’s for lunch.” So I guess I do have plans.



La Plata, MD




I was planning to post this before the game, but that didn’t happen. The game ended in a tie and we ate at Hibachi Sushi and Supreme Buffet.


Waldorf, MD


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