Past, present & plans: 10-28-16

Past, present & plans 10-28-16




We had a mule, ¾ horse, pigs, cow, calf, dogs and cats. Our first fenced in area was about one and half acres of high ground. As dad and I were digging the holes for the gate he told me, “The hole will be there when the pole is long gone.” I didn’t realize till a few years later, that he was talking about sex.


This area was for cows, equine, horse stall, corn bin and piles of material. Dad, George and I were in the corn crib working on something, when mom came out. We didn’t see it, but she said, “That cow chased me, so I ran back to the house.”


Dad said, “Your mom was raised around chickens, but she’s afraid of larger animals.” I can’t remember mom ever coming back out there.


George got kicked in the chest by the mule one day, so that’s why he didn’t play with the horses anymore. Poor George, shortly after that, during a Pony League baseball game, he got his jaw broke by a fastball that didn’t curve. I can’t remember him playing much baseball after that either.




Yesterday I talked to a man that has a small lot of waterfront property for sale. I might be able to buy it on time. The lot is very small, but has water, sewer and electric on it.


It’s big enough to accommodate a small trailer, couple of sheds, deck, fishing pier and a two car parking area. I like living on the houseboat, but it would be nice to own my own land again.




I have a trailer that needs a little work and that’s something I can take care of myself. Right now it’s my storage shed.


I have no money and get very little every month; so the work on the trailer, building the deck, sheds and pier will take a while to complete. But it would be mine and the little money I get is enough to pay for it.


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