Guest blog: God’s Song by Gwyn Dooley

Guest blog: God’s Song by Gwyn Dooley


I heard a sound from Heaven
It rang across the land
And fell upon my thirsty ears
As rain upon the sand


I drank in peals of laughter
A joyful tune of love
Sang by a loving Father
Who watches from above


“Oh, come to Me, My children
I wait with great delight
For all who trust in Jesus
And long for Heaven’s sight


For those who cannot see Me
Yet know that I Am real
I wait with eager longing
For all my sons, revealed”


by: Gwyn Dooley


Past, present & plans: 11-27-16

Past, present & plans: 11-27-16




It was brought to my attention, that my brother and I got hurt a lot when we were young, guess that’s true. Injuries or situations that didn’t end well are more exciting to write about. Tonight I’ll introduce you to some of my cousins.


My brother, George, and I were eighteen months apart in age. Ernie and his older brother Keith, were about the same difference, so were Ronnie and Dean also Clyde and Ray. Clyde was the oldest of the Crazy Eight Club and Dean was the youngest. We were all within three years of the same age and all first cousins or brothers.


We had female first cousins in the same age range, but they didn’t cause trouble like my seven confidants did. I was the only blameless one in the club and never caused any trouble. Of course you know that’s not true.


One of us let the mule get loose, so dad and I chased it at least two miles down the train tracks toward Chalk Point power plant. Finally dad went through the woods to get on the other side of it and we boxed him in. Since I wouldn’t squeal on my cousin, dad rode the mule back and made me walk.




Think I made a mistake on Thanksgiving Day, when I temporarily stopped my diet. I’ve lost a total of fifteen pounds since October 31st and only gained two back. If I get back on it tomorrow I won’t regain much more.


With the low carbohydrate intake, my blood sugar levels are in a very acceptable range. Between ninety to a hundred and five, these numbers would help me beat my type two diabetes, as long as they remain there.


The below photo of mine, will be published in the 2016 fall edition of the College of Southern Maryland’s, Literary Magazine called Connections. I submitted five poems and five black and white photos. One out of ten, is better than zero out of ten.



Noon Over Ten Tires




I have noticed that I breath better in cooler weather. My COPD doesn’t effect me like it does in the summer. I guess between cooler temperature, losing weight and good blood sugar levels I could get a lot of work done on my boat. This could make winter a better time to work on bodily needs. Breathing better, makes a huge difference.

Poetry by Jim: a life well spent?

a life well spent?


they are yellow, orange and red
then die brown, cut loose and fall
they’re left grounded on their bed
these now dead leaves, are so small
their vestige, now part of the spread
the whole of all beings, somberly die
there’s no petty, now that your dead
thus all flesh or flora, must soon lie
thou soul of life, is what lies ahead
this your life, should be well lived


By Jim McDonald

Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words

Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words on Rose Marie’s part two.
Flannel, culpable & bilious


Note: our poet Gwyn Dooley mentioned that I should write a part two on Rose Marie’s little story. I told her if she gave me three words, I would.


Follow this link to part one.


Part 2

The riddle said,

“two, four, six, eight
which do I celebrate
not two, four or six
only you know the fix
not spring, summer or fall
and J didn’t do them all
O did one, two and three
wait, tonight you will see”


The detective thought it was interconnected to a previous winter trail involving the accused murderer Jasper. He said, “Looks like Jasper has a partner on the outside.”


“If the Riddler is holding back information on the Jasper murders, then they could be just as CULPABLE,” said the Judge.




The detective replied, “The Riddler has injected themselves into Jasper’s case. We know Jasper didn’t leave the roses, because he’s in jail.”




“I remember seeing a man in a red FLANNEL shirt this morning.”


“Where at?”


“Downstairs in parking level one.”


“Can you remember anything else about him Your Honor?”


“An older white man that was dressed very poorly. He was sitting in my parking spot and was very rude with a BILIOUS attitude, when I motioned him to move.”


“Did he bother you or attempt to?”


“Not really. I didn’t think much of it, because it is awfully cold outside. I believe there’s some kind of heat vent or something near my spot.”


“Thank you Your Honor, you’ve been a lot of help. We’ll have a black and white parked out side your door tonight and an unmarked shadow you for the time being. Hope that comforts you.”


“Yes it does! Thanks.”


How ya like my hat? College of Southern of Maryland (CSM) hat

How ya like my hat? College of Southern of Maryland (CSM) hat



At the hospital in 2015


This picture serves two points. First it’s the hat of my local college, CSM, that I can proudly say I attended for several years at two different times in my life. Second it can serve as a before picture for my weight lose.


It was taken a year ago at the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, formally known as Civista Hospital. I was working with nurses and a physical therapist for my Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).



In front of my houseboat; August 18, 2015


First point is, I went to CSM in ’92 when it was known as Charles County Community College. At that time I wanted to learn about computer security, but it wasn’t offered then. That left me still wanting the computer field, but with Computer Science as my major. Two years later, while still raising my sons, money became more of need, so I went back to carpentry.


In 2014, when I became disabled and couldn’t work in my field, so I went back to school, this time as an English major. I have a long way to go, but my desire is to learn how to write a novel. So far I can thank my professors, my friend Gwyn Warren and of course you guys for supporting and teaching me.



A year ago at a neighbour’s houseboat. I think her cat likes me.


The second point of the picture is my diet. Some of you guys know I’m losing weight. In this picture I weighed 286 pounds, now I weigh 259.