Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words

Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words on Rose Marie’s part two.
Flannel, culpable & bilious


Note: our poet Gwyn Dooley mentioned that I should write a part two on Rose Marie’s little story. I told her if she gave me three words, I would.


Follow this link to part one.


Part 2

The riddle said,

“two, four, six, eight
which do I celebrate
not two, four or six
only you know the fix
not spring, summer or fall
and J didn’t do them all
O did one, two and three
wait, tonight you will see”


The detective thought it was interconnected to a previous winter trail involving the accused murderer Jasper. He said, “Looks like Jasper has a partner on the outside.”


“If the Riddler is holding back information on the Jasper murders, then they could be just as CULPABLE,” said the Judge.




The detective replied, “The Riddler has injected themselves into Jasper’s case. We know Jasper didn’t leave the roses, because he’s in jail.”




“I remember seeing a man in a red FLANNEL shirt this morning.”


“Where at?”


“Downstairs in parking level one.”


“Can you remember anything else about him Your Honor?”


“An older white man that was dressed very poorly. He was sitting in my parking spot and was very rude with a BILIOUS attitude, when I motioned him to move.”


“Did he bother you or attempt to?”


“Not really. I didn’t think much of it, because it is awfully cold outside. I believe there’s some kind of heat vent or something near my spot.”


“Thank you Your Honor, you’ve been a lot of help. We’ll have a black and white parked out side your door tonight and an unmarked shadow you for the time being. Hope that comforts you.”


“Yes it does! Thanks.”



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