Random thought: Embarrassed



This is my second political post in two years. I try not to get pulled into mean spirited threads. I’ve done well with it until now. The day of the vote, meant it would be over until two and a half years. It seems that day had no effect on the political attitude of many, no matter if you were on the winning or losing side.


Now we have thousands of people rioting because they didn’t get their way. I have no idea what they expect to gain, other than make a fool of themselves and our country. The vote is OVER, please let it lay.


Some of my friends have made some political statements, but they weren’t mean spirited. They were just stating witch side they came down on. That makes sense to me, if you want to put it out there.


I also have some very close friends that have made some really mean spirited posts and comments and they profess to be spiritual in nature. What kind if nature is it? They continue to make these comments as if they are hidden from the world and God. The internet is open for everyone to see. EVERYONE!!


I grant you, everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion. However most people have a way of stating there opinion in a nice orderly way. On the other hand some hide behind the cover of the internet and say very ugly statements that they wouldn’t dare say in front of someone else. Those people embarrass me.


6 thoughts on “Random thought: Embarrassed

  1. Agree. The election is done. Now we need to move forward and see what we can live with. Even if we didn’t vote for him, he is our president. Protesting is OK, but I don’t see the objective. There must be other ways to express positions, once he is in office. We need to keep an eye on him but I don’t know what we can do to stop his agenda.


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