Random thoughts: Atkins diet

Random thoughts: Atkins diet



In North Carolina about a month ago. Let’s consider this and the following pictures as my before photos.


On October 31, 2016, I started the Atkins diet at the weight of 274 pounds. This morning has been the start of the twelfth day and I have lost nine pounds. Woke up and the scale told me, “Congratulations Jim, you weigh 265 pounds.”


I did this same diet in 2009/2010 and lost ninety seven pounds in seven months. When I stopped the diet I eventually gained all the weight back. The same would happen with any diet.



Three months ago at the marina


The diet starts with the two week induction plan. This part of the diet is considered the carbohydrates (carbs) cleanse. In a twenty four hour period the dieter can have no more than twenty carbs. I stayed on the induction diet for the whole seven months.


During the sevens months, I had five cheat weekends and ate what ever I wanted. Those weekends were from Friday evening to Monday morning. Didn’t gain any weight, but also wouldn’t lose any until Thursday morning.



Four months ago at a yard sale


Towards the end of the seven months, I incorporated some diet sodas and some foods that didn’t have carbs, but did have artificial sweeteners. Guess I needed the sweet taste. My weight lose took a hit at the end and I had no idea the artificial sweeteners were to blame.


Over the past few years I tried the same diet including the diet sodas and sweeteners. I didn’t lose the weight as I had hoped to.


Four days into the diet this time, I researched the sweeteners and found out that most of them are not good for the body. Some of them even caused blood sugar spikes, which carries the dieter over the twenty carbs a day mark.


My experience has shown me that if I’m off and on the diet, my cholesterol will take a hit. However, when I followed the diet exactly how it says, all my vitals are good. Proved by my blood work.


I can use all the encouragement you can muster.


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Atkins diet

  1. If you choose to start again, I’d love to be a support system for one another! And that’s good to hear about keeping an accurate log, as I just bought the Premium version of MyFitnessPal that I’ve been logging my food into! I’m trying to stay away from most processed foods, aside from the Atkins products like the meal bars & protein shakes! And the amount of fiber I’ve been taking in has been helpful in keeping my net carbs pretty low (I’ve only hit 10 total & it’s almost the end of the night!) But outside perspective is really helpful, I’d love to bounce ideas off each other. 😊


  2. I haven’t been on it lately, but maybe I can get back on it and we can help each other.

    The first thing I would say is count everything you put in your mouth. For instance; mustard is typically zero carbs, same with mayo, but ketsup is carb heavy. Balogna has a carb per slice same with most cheeses. The small things like that you need to be aware of.

    Counting your carbs is really easy, but every carb you digest will stay in your body for 24 hours. If you eat four eggs at 8am, that is 2.4 carbs. I would round that up to 3 carbs and you will not take it off till 8am the next day. Lets say you eat a hamburger with a tablespoon of ketsup at 6pm. That is 3 carbs, because of the ketchup. You don’t take those 3 off till 6pm the next evening.

    I would suggest to keep a running tab.


  3. I am on Day 1 of the Atkins 20 diet, and I would love any advice that you would have for me! I’m looking to be open & honest about my experiences, as well as looking for support throughout this journey from people who understand & have been through this themselves! How has your experience been thus far?

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