Random thoughts: Waldorf Famous

Random thoughts: Waldorf Famous


Waldorf, MD.

Have I told you that I am famous here in Waldorf; not real famous just somewhat, maybe just a little, well not really famous at all. Let me explain. 😃


A sign, then me and my best friend Raymond.

Let’s take a happy dance down memory lane first, just for a moment. Raymond and I have been friends since the Thomas Stone High School days, long time ago, and I was a perfectly good student till I met him. All my report cards up till then held straight A’s, I also never skipped school or got in trouble of any sort, until I fell under his tutelage. My life went down hill after I met him, but to be perfectly candied it has been an exciting life. Seriously though, I’m just messin with my buddy.


First McDonald’s in Waldorf, MD

Here’s a little background into my achievement. We were in the eleventh grade, when “McDonald’s” and it’s golden arches came to our school. The business invited qualified students to apply at the soon to be new store in Waldorf, MD.

Raymond, his brother buddy, our friend Billy, several others and myself signed up to work there. Before we could work at our new store, we were trained at another one in a nearby town.

We had many escapades at the Waldorf store; I met my first wife there, did my first drug there and there is where I drank my first beer. Quite a few other adventures, that should not be repeated, for fear of imprisonment, embarrassment or surely laughter.

My best of all experiences there, was I had the honor of flipping the very first Big Mac. I should be known as the world renowned Waldorf flipper. After all it is my town.


Later in the eighties, before I got sober, my son and I snuck down onto the “RFK Stadium” football field. Being drunk as I was, it didn’t surprise my family when I accidentally tripped one of my favorite receivers, Ricky Sanders. It was on the news that night and also shown on TV during the game. Thankfully I was dressed in all my Redskin garb, but I still felt disgraced as all eyes were on me. My son, Jamie, even turned away and left me standing all by myself.


Washington Redskin receiver Ricky Sanders


This picture is a few years later, after I got sober. I was able to make my amends to him. My mom, Ricky Sanders and me. About 1992 or so.

Finally more current, I ran into a friend of mine at La Plata Starbucks the other day, that owns the best eatery in La Plata, Marie’s. I chatted with him for a minute without sitting down and he was interested when I mentioned that I’m on the Atkins diet. Since I can’t eat my favorite dish, Morning Breakfast, he reminded me of a nice grilled fish plate. After we talked more he said, “Let me run some numbers and I will add a dish of bacon and call it, Jim’s Special.” The particulars were not set at that time, but it will probably be ten pieces of bacon at a good price. WOW, is that cool or what?


Are you salivating now?

These are some of my achievements, but the most important ones, are the birth and lives of my two sons, Jamie and Billy. By the way, fifteen pounds down since October 31st, my scale is applauding the weight of 259.


Billy and Jamie in 2006 at Dulles airport


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