Your three words, my little story: Rosemarie’s words

Your three words, my little story
Rosemarie’s words: murderous, roses & letter


Rosemarie was pleasantly surprised, when she opened the door and saw a bundle of ROSES flowing out of a beautiful vase. The yellow, red and rare black roses were sitting on the middle of her desk, begging to be inhaled. She loudly asked Linda, “Who are these from?”


Linda said, “I have no idea, they were there when I delivered your mail, your Honor.”


“Someone was in my office? And we don’t know who? That’s a little unnerving.”


“Yes mam it is.”


As she looked closer at the vase, she noticed a small tube in the water. She grabbed some paper towels to wrap them around the thorny stems and slowly pulled the roses out. She then plucked the cylinder away from the flowers and noticed a rolled up piece of paper in it.


It was a message in a bottle, “How romantic,” she thought. She opened the tube and pulled the LETTER out, expecting and anxious to read a love sonnet. She unrolled the paper to reveal not a love letter, but a crude riddle resembling the ones left at the scene by the alleged MURDEROUS defendant on trial today. “Linda call Roy!”


When Roy, the bailiff, came in, he said, “Don’t touch anything your Honor. Let me call the Sheriff’s office and get forensics over here.”


She thought, “What a disappointment.”


Linda asked, “Do you want to cancel court?”


“No! That’s exactly what he wants. Roy, get someone to take care of this, so you can get him out of lock-up and let’s prepare for the day.”


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