Random thoughts: Psyche, part two

Random thoughts: Psyche, part two


Part two: Diet failure


For many of us, dieting is a very difficult tasks to accomplish. You must include me in that group, because I really like to eat. It’s not like I can go cold turkey with food, like I did when I quit smoking, drinking and drugging.





A donut to most of us is a socially acceptable treat. It’s small, tasty and it has a hole in it, so a part of it isn’t even there. Also in several bites it’s gone, out of sight and out of mind right? No, white flower is the main ingredient and the flower tends to make us hungrier than before we took the first bite of the delicious pleasure.


Breads, pastas and cereals are well known foods that we eat every day. If we eat these foods in moderation along with other healthy choices they can be perfectly fine for us. However if you add all of them together, most dietition and nutritionist would not considered it an acceptable daily diet plan.





I made a mistake and went off my diet for Thanksgiving Day. Just for the day or so I thought. Up until that morning, the plan was to stick to the diet till a CHRISTmas or a New Years meal. As of this morning, I can’t get back on the diet. In my case, the Type 2 Diabetes could be controlled by my carbohydrate intake and that’s not being met.


In my mind, I have failed. One more failure in a life full of failures. Because of the hunter gatherer brains from our ancient past the man is he is suppose to be able to fix things.


When it comes to construction I am able to fix many problems, unlike other areas in my life where I fall short. Just because I understand it, doesn’t mean I can do it, but I will not give up though.


This leads to the depression of my psyche in part three.


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