Your three words, my little story: Earlene’s words

Your three words, my little story
Earlene’s words: proud, humble & sunny



It’s a beautiful SUNNY afternoon, but it didn’t pan out to be a good one. John was cruising along at sixty miles an hour and his car just died in the middle of the road. Everything stopped working; the radio, the dashboard and the power steering.



He’s never been a HUMBLE man, but when you can’t even roll your window down, anyone would feel powerless.



Luckily John’s son, Burt, is a mechanic. After fifteen minutes of turning the key with no results he called him. Burt said, “Dad, why don’t you take a walk and smoke a cigarette and let’s see if the car starts when you come back. If it doesn’t call me.”



“How will a cigarette help?”



“The cigarette won’t, but sometimes a car needs a little time to reset.”



“Oh, okay. I’ll call you one way or the other. Love you son.”



“Love you too dad.”



After burning a couple of smokes, he slipped back into his seat and turned the key. He was amazed when it started. His son knew exactly what to do and he wasn’t even there.



John always wished his son would work with wood like he does, but now he knows they’re both, good at what they do. That’s something to be PROUD of.


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