Random thoughts: Pervy

Random thoughts: Pervy




Through my DVR, I was watching one of my favorite shows, NCIS. In episode 9 of season 14, their investigation led them to a garage, where a guy had pictures of women in bikinis. Later, it was revealed that the guy was at a strip joint during the crime, so that was his alibi. The female officer said, “He’s pervy, but he’s not our murderer.” I immediately took offence with that statement.


I have NO problem with gay or interracial marriages or love making. Neither one is my cup of tea and I’m perfectly content feeling that way, on all matters in this paragraph.


I don’t condemn or dislike anyone involved in the above affairs. As a matter of fact, I have some very close friends, male and female, that are guy. I also have friends that are in or have been involved in, interracial relationships. Such is the world now a days, so get on board with it.


I do have a problem with rape, child abuse (in any form) and any actions against someone’s will. I’m also not a fan bestiality. I think all of these are perverted and go way beyond the scope sexual deviation.



Chester the Molester


I take offense to her statement, because I am a man and I like women. I don’t have the money to frequent strip bars, but I have in the past. According to this very rude comment, I am considered pervy. I couldn’t disagree more with her derogatory pigeonholing and it’s insulting, that I might be considered pervy, because I like women.


Rant over!!!


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