Past, present & plans: 11-27-16

Past, present & plans: 11-27-16




I told you guys about my first cousins and that we were known as, The Crazy Eight Club. Then Ronnie died and at that point we were considered, The Somber Seven. We really weren’t known as neither of these, but for the sake of my stories I will count us down.


In July of 1983, Ray was the next cousin to die. I’m not sure who or how many people were with him, but they were horsing around, when he fell to his death in Mountain City, Tennessee. Ray slipped on some loose gravel at the top of a cliff, that was about a hundred feet above a water filled gravel pit. The pit was ninety feet deep, which made it difficult to find and bring him to the surface quickly.



From left to right. Back row, me and Clyde. Middle row, Ray, Fay, my brother George and Kay. Front row: Jack Penn (Jr), Nancy, my sister Debbie and Carolyn


That left us with The Sad Six




Over the last few months I’ve had three separate dreams, where I had a boat stolen from me. A lot of times my dreams will start out sensible, then go totally haywire.


I saw a pontoon boat for sale, that I really liked at a boat yard. After I bought it, I hung out for awhile, then went down the dock for some bait and water. When I came back the boat was gone and so was the guy I bought it from. A little later I saw them in the cove leaving. No one was around, so there was nothing I could do, but watch my boat float away. I woke up pissed off and embarrassed, that someone took advantage of me.


The second one took place at an island. I beached my boat and went ashore to find some food in the woods. When I came back, the boat was gone. I was stuck on the island, but I did have a grocery cart full of food from some store.



My fourteen footer


In last night’s dream, the third boat was stolen from me. It was in a diagonal parking spot on the other side of the road. However, it wasn’t on a trailer and there wasn’t any water around at all. I was at a cook out, where everyone was staying in tents in a wide median between two roads. We were all friends and everyone liked me.


Slowly people started to leave, then all of a sudden everyone was leaving. I turned to look at my boat, then realized, I had to go to the motel room and get my luggage. I came back and the boat was gone. I guess I knew I was dreaming, because I kept looking away then back, thinking the boat would be back when I turned around.


I stood there and watched everyone leave and when they were gone, I asked for help. All of a sudden no one was there. I woke up and again I was pissed and embarrassed. It took an hour for me to realize that I was pissed off at a dream.


I live on a boat, so I hope no one steals it.







I don’t have money to buy any CHRISTmas gifts, so I think I’ll get lost on the eighteenth and come back out of hiding on the twenty sixth.



Jesus is the reason for the season.


Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry CHRISTmas everyone and please be safe.


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