Past, present & plans: 12-17-16

Past, present & plans: 12-17-16




I’ll start off reminding you of the Crazy Eight Club, that ended up to date as The Final Four. The first to die was Ronnie, he was the oldest of Ronnie and Dean. The next was Ray, he was the youngest of Clyde and Ray. Then my brother George, he was the youngest of Jim (me) and George.


Remember, all of us were within three years of age. After George, there was only one remaining pair, it was Keith and Ernie. So far we had an older and two younger’s die, so that meant by the numbers the remaining eldest should have gone next. Although, it didn’t happen that way, only God’s plans are executed.


Dean was the next to die in March of 2009, meaning one pair was gone all together. However, he did not die of an accident or suicide. He died from a disease called Amyloidosis, Amy for short.


Amy is a rare disease, where an abnormal protein called Amyloid, attacks any tissue or organ and eventually will break that body part down, till the patient dies. Often the demise can be very painful. There is no cure for it, but it can be slowed down with the right treatment.


A number of Dean’s siblings have died and/or still suffer from this devastating affliction. Please pray for the comfort of Dean’s sister, my cousin, Cheryl.



Two nights ago the temperature dropped to 12 degrees and last night the lowest was 28. Today we had freezing rain till noon. I pretty much hunkered down in my boat going on three days now.




Move south, 😊



It’s warmer somewhere


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