Miscellaneous: Calling all cooks

Miscellaneous: Calling all cooks


I put a two pound, boneless Top Pork Loin Roast in my slow cooker an hour ago. This slow cooker is the type that heats on the bottom and sides.



1.87 pounds of Top Loin Pork Roast


I was told to put the fatty side up, so I did. Because of my type two diabetes, I’m not going to add any other food. However, I’m looking for suggestions of spices, timing and any other instructions you might want to share.



Rival Crock Pot, that heats from the sides and bottom.


I will prepare more in the future, so please play along. I did Google it, but personal interaction is precious and the little tips your grandmother taught you is always nice to hear.


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous: Calling all cooks

  1. I like pork loin cooked with rosemary and thyme, cracked pepper and sea salt. Internal temperature needs to be 160….but if you cook it on low for 4 hours or so, you need not check temperature, it would probably be fine. You can put something like soup, mushroom on the bottom then add your roast and smother it with mushroom slices, some onion rings and a little garlic. All ok for you to eat. You might check on carrots, they are not starchy. My ex was diabetic…..I fixed him broccoli and cauliflower too….there are really lots of things you can eat.. Do beef this way too, they’ll melt in your mouth….. Hope this helps…..

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