Miscellaneous: Tide in and out

Miscellaneous: Tide in and out


Entertainment that involve boats are often misleading, concerning tides. Whether it’s a television show or movie, they always show ebb tide (between high and low tide) or when the boat is even with shore. They hardly ever show, when the boat is three feet below ground level or three feet above it.



Taken in the summer of 2016. If you look closely in the center of the photo is a Water Moccasin.


I live on a house boat, that’s moored on the starboard (right) side. I have a ladder in the water leaning on the sea wall and since it’s stuck in the mud it stays put. I probably need it half the time to get on and off the boat.


The other night, while I was climbing up the ladder, I lost my right flip flop. I went right back on the boat to get my flashing light and landing net, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. It sinking baffled me, since it’s basically made of a rubber composite, but it was gone.



Fishing: landing net


This spring the flip flops will be two years old and worn out. I seldom wear my flops in the winter, but for short trips, it’s still easier. I had hoped they would have lasted till spring.


Tide goes out, then it comes back in. As it happened, so did my shoe. The top was fairly dry and now it’s in the living room drying.


Life comes and then it goes. Most times it comes back again.



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