Random thoughts: Dad and uncle George

Random thoughts: Dad and uncle George


I really have no idea if dad and his brothers were into sports, when they were growing up in east Texas. I know dad was a sport’s fan as an adult and he always rooted for the local teams.



Mom, me, dad and George, about 1957. left to right


He never showed me how to throw a baseball, football or dribble a basketball. Thinking about it now, I don’t think he knew how.


He did make sure, my brother, George, and I learned how to play what ever we were interested in and play it with good sportsmanship.


My dad rooted for the Washington Senators baseball team and the Washington Redskins football team, so by default I did too. Neither team was any good, but they were our local teams and we rooted for them, win or lose.


I have several fond memories of the farm, but this one often comes to mind. The Washington Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys twice a year. If the Redskins won, dad called uncle George in Texas, the opposite would happen if the Cowboys won. Twice a year that conversation occurred and it always started by one razing the other. It didn’t take long before they starting talking about family and old memories. This is one of my favorite memories of all time and that itself taught me how to be a good sport. He taught me by showing me.


I met uncle George one time and that was in 1972 after the Washington Senators left Washington and moved Texas and became the Texas Rangers.



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