Random thoughts: Single fathers

Random thoughts: Single fathers


Sitting at my favorite coffee shop, Starbucks, in La Plata, I was doing my favorite things. Yep, people watching, talking and making up stories.


I see a little, maybe two year old, dark hair girl with her father and grandfather. She looks so content and happy in either set of arms.


The grandfather’s smile looks natural, but not his touch. He’s afraid he’ll break her or at the very least drop her. The kid won’t let that happen though, she’s holding on for love of life.


Her dad knows what to do though, she doesn’t even wiggle with him anymore. He lays his left cheek on top of her head, breaking contact only to kiss the line that parts her hair.



Top row, left to right: me and Linda Left to right: Jamie and Billy. Linda wasn’t their mom, she was my first girl friend as a single parent.


I raised my two sons from the age of two and four without their mom, they’re in their forties now. I had help from my mom and whatever woman was in my life. So naturally I started reminiscing of the pleasures and difficulties of being a single dad. The scene took right back to the giggles and laughter.


I wondered what happened to his marriage, does he get the kid once or twice a month or does he have full custody, like I did. I regret the closed doors he’ll face as a single parent, but I’m happy for the open hearts that will be willing to help them in times of need.


As he gets up and walks to the trash can I ask, “How old?”


He replied, “Almost two.”


“Big brown eyes.”


“Yeah, she got those from her momma. She’s home making supper.”


There I am, the great storyteller wrong again, “What are we having?”


He laughs and says, “Not sure.”


“Have a good night and be safe.”


“You too.”


I did have the pleasure of Jamie and Billy bouncing around in my head for an hour.



Billy and Jamie in 2006 at Dulles airport.


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