Random thoughts: What if someone online dies?

Random thoughts: What if someone online dies?


If a friend of mine dies, I get the information from; a text, word of mouth or maybe the obituaries. This is how it works if I know the person in a tangible sense, another words physically.


What happens if an online friend died? If I have never met them in person and we chat on a weekly basis. What if they die?


Some of my online friends live somewhere in the world and I have no idea what corner. Are they married, do they have kids, what country do they live in, what state, how old are they or really who are they?


I don’t need the answers to those question, but after a few conversations with the same person, those questions arise.


All of a sudden they stop posting. At first I might think, maybe they’re moving or something else minor is going on in their life to keep them from the net. What if they had cancer and didn’t let us know or maybe they were in a bad accident of some sort. What if Colonel Mustard killed them in the Kitchen with a knife?


Life comes and goes, that’s the way it is. It has to be that way or we would run out of room. It’s a sad thought, knowing a friend could die and I wouldn’t know anything about it.


This is Ben and I just met him at the La Plata Starbucks. I might not ever see him again, so he might fit this little story.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts: What if someone online dies?

  1. Thank you B., especially for that last sentence. Happy New Year to you too.

    A friend of mine, Gwyn, was playing Farm Town on FaceBook and had a neighbour IN the game. He was sick and died in real life, but his wife was also Gwyn’s Farm Town neighbor and was able to tell her. Most of the time we aren’t that lucky.

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  2. I agree- I don’t know if we always value the friendships we build online in the same way. Having said that, it would be truly be upsetting for me to lose an online friend. Everyone I continue to meet in the WordPress community is kind and supportive, including yourself!

    Interesting post, as always. All the best for 2017!

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