How ya like my hat? Skins hat 3

How ya like my hat? Skins hat 3


My heart is breaking, because my Washington Redskin’s football team lost today. With today’s loss we will not be in the playoffs, that means our season is over.



Hail to the Redskins ( HTTR ) last day in 2016


I spent last night, New Years eve, with a bunch of friends at Raymond’s party. I brought this hat for the party and for this post. I wore it first and then gave it to a friend, James, who is also a Redskin fan, because it was too small for my big head.



Fellow Redskin fan, James.


Between them two heads came another good friend, Victor, who is a Dallas Cowboy fan. I asked him to wear it for a picture and he was nice enough to do it. Pretty cool.



Dallas Cowboy fan, Victor.


I had a great time with friends, food and fireworks. Thank you Raymond for the party and friendship.


Happy New Year everyone. I hope every day in your 2017 is a great one and they bring expected and unexpected joys.



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