Your three words, my little story: James’ words

Your three words, my little story
James’ words: head, shoe & car


James should know better than to get in an argument with his seven year old granddaughter. Normally when he sees an animal on the road or anything that resembles an animal, he knows to distract her. This time he was distracted, when she threw some of her ice cream at him. He ducked, but she got him in the HEAD anyway.




When he ducked, JoJo saw a turtle and immediately started crying and screaming, “Pop-pop, Pop-pop go back! Someone will hit him.”


“Hit what?”


“The turtle Pop-pop! We have to sa sa saaave him.” she brokenly sobbed.


Guess he didn’t turn around quick enough, because she grabbed his brand new SHOE and threw it out the window. She was threatening to do the same with the other one if he didn’t stop the CAR.




Now he had no choice but turn around, so he might as well go a little further back and carry the turtle across the road. He didn’t like turning around, but he loved her heart.



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