Interesting: Calling all cooks, chili

Interesting: Calling all cooks, chili



I bought this cockpot last week at a thrift store for $6.96. I put the salt shaker in the picture so you can determine the size of my cockpot. What size do you think it is?


My next project will be Chili. I will shop for the ingredients tomorrow (Sunday) and cook it tomorrow night. I already have 2.25 pounds of burger and I want it spicy, good and spicy.


What I want from All of you; is to tell me how to make it. I know I can call my son (who is a great cook and I will call, text or tag him), ask some friends or Google it (actually I already Goggled it), please give me your personal recipes for my enjoyment. 😊


I want as many of your choice tidbits as possible, so I can mish-mash some of them and eventually have my own.


Note: When my son, Billy, was eight he told me, “Dad we don’t like your cooking.” I’m not sure, but I think I laughed. What did happen for sure though, I bought my oldest son, Jamie, a cook book. He has become an excellent cook and I have enjoyed his dishes for years. That was one of the best books I have ever purchased excluding scripture of course.



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