Your three words, my little story
Raymond’s words: wang, succulent and riffraff



Brownsville PA


Fridays were their nights to go out dancing and leave the kids home with the sitter. With out fail, he always told the sitter, “We’ll be back at 12:30.”


Not only did they enjoy going to the bar called, ‘Let’s WANG Chung Tonight’, they also went for pizza afterwards. Both of these establishments were close to each other, on the east side of the park.


They normally danced to ten, then ate and relaxed next door till midnight. Afterwards they took the long way home, while strolling hand and hand through the park. Their single family home was located in what’s known as, ‘Points West’.


If they took a more direct route, it would take them by the town’s RIFFRAFF at the ‘Wall’, which was located on the north end of the park. People of Sloan steered clear of the long haired, pot smoking, bumper drinking teens, but the hippies never bothered anyone or anything, so most people let them be.


After the couple made it home, he would walk the sitter next door, before they closed the night out their special dessert. The wife would say, “Sometimes this is my favorite part of the night.”


“Me too.”


The treat was a dish invented by the wife. It layered out; with partially over ripe strawberries on the bottom, a layer of vanilla pudding, vanilla wafer cookies, bananas, more pudding, more wafers, kiwi, more pudding, more wafers and topped with whipped cream. Sometimes it was baked for a short period of time, but most times not.


After eating a bowl of the SUCCULENT dish they had no choice, but to fall asleep in each other’s arms.



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