Things that interest me: Christmas in April

Christmas in April


Christmas in April is now partnered with Rebuilding Together

The Charles County chapter of ‘Christmas in April’ has partnered with ‘Rebuilding Together’. This means the organization can have more charitable events throughout the year. So if you see us coming and we’re asking for volunteers or contributions, below is one of the reasons why.


Tim, me and Bernie on the right

We repaired twenty houses on ‘Event Day’, 4-29-17, having different degrees of need.

I had the pleasure of being involved with Bernard Rosier’s house on Fairgrounds Rd., in Bel Alton, MD.


Barbara and Bernard Rosier

My co-captain Jack Conlon, of La Plata MD., and I had the satisfaction to work along with four volunteer groups. One was; the ‘College of Southern Maryland Construction Management Program’, CSM for short, headed by Professor Tony Stout and another was, Zion Wesleyan Church of Waldorf, MD. headed by Jason Moore.


Members of all groups had to leave before this picture was taken, so it doesn’t show the true count of volenteers. The job started at 7:30 and ended at 3:30. That’s my buddy Jack Conlon in yellow.

We had a total of twenty-four volunteers, plus some family members to tackle two major jobs, some smaller ones and performing landscaping around the whole house.

The largest undertaking was the removal and installation of the kitchen base cabinets and countertops performed by the CSM group. We also added a dishwasher that wasn’t in the existing layout.



Commissioner Amanda Stewart on the right and Professor Tony Stout on the left.

Three members of the CSM team as they set the kitchen counter

The second job was the removal and installation of a bathroom shower stall, preformed in large part by Orlando with the ‘Zion Wesleyan Church’ group and completed by the CSM group.



Two members of Wesleyan group


After Zion Wesleyan and before CSM.


Thirdly; three lovely ladies from ‘Charles County Master Gardner’s’, lead by Rose Markham, combined with a team from the Wesleyan Church and took care of landscaping.


Some of Mr. Rosier family took care of lunch and other task that needed attention.


The Rosier family cooking our lunch.

Two employees, Matt Renke and JJ Noble, of ‘Partner Electric Services’ did the electric needed for the dishwasher and other projects. They also contributed some material for future jobs.

We had a well tuned job and beautiful day, while all parties worked smoothly together. I would like to thank all that gave their time, material and effort to make this a very successful project.

Not only do I want to thank everyone that was involved on my house, but everyone that was involved in Christmas in April all together. The board members work tirelessly all year long to make this a great Event Day, especially our President Alvin Stewart. I feel Alvin doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. If you want to thank him in person, there’s a good chance you would run into him at his Starbuck’s in La Plata, MD.


Christmas in April’s President Alvin Stewart and his wife Commissioner Amanda Stewart is hidden behind him.

Thanks to all involved.


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