Happy customers

Happy customers


The pictures of my happy customers are piling up. I think I will present two or three at a time for a little while.


I’ve noticed, while I’m learning to be a writer, by default I’m also learning to be a salesman.



Matthew Jones Jr


My friend Matt is also a writer and he continues to push me to sell my book. We hang out at the La Plata Starbuck’s often.



Andrew Staples

I have never met Andrew in person, but we have become very good friends on-line. He’s a Christian, Redskin fan, The Walking Dead fan and seems to be an all around good guy.




I met Pam at my dermatologist’s (Mid Atlantic Skin) office in Waldorf, MD. I started talking to her about writing and next thing you know she buys my book.
Thank you guys for buying my book.


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