Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Two more happy customers. Think I’ll start with the pretty one.



Valerie Grimes


I met Valerie several years ago at the marina where my houseboat is docked. This very nice young lady bought my book and even tipped me $2. How cool is that. She’s also going to help me design a new business card.


She owns and operates a cleaning service. Among the many others venues that she cleans, residential and commercial are at the top of the list.



Al Jackson

I know Al from the La Plata Starbuck’s. He normally sits by himself reading, until I start bugging him. We often talk about writing and other topics that are way above my head. He’s a very smart man and I can learn a lot from him. All I have to do is listen.


Thank you guys for buying my book.



2 thoughts on “Happy Customers

  1. You know me too well Derrick. Everything about this lady is gorgeous. Of course you can tell she’s very easy on the eyes; from a distance she’s very shapely, up close she’s has the prettest smile and facial features, but the best part about this woman is, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


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