Your three words, my little story

Alexis’s words: tintinnabulation, cochlear and swollen


The TINTINNABULATION seemed to be getting louder, but when Alexis was quiet and concentrated on it, she realized it was monophonic. Kind of like the sound a leaky faucet makes as it drips on a stainless steel sink.


However, it wasn’t coming from the kitchen sink, but it was coming from the kitchen. As she was standing in the kitchen it sounded like it was coming from the wall, on the right, that separates the kitchen and bathroom. The noise was steady, but there was no evidence of any water on the floor in either room.


Alexis called her friend, Raymond, and asked him, “Can you come over and listen to a sound for me?”


Raymond replied asking, “What kind of sound is it?”


She said, “I have no idea! That’s why I want you to lend me your ear.”


A couple of hours later Raymond walked through Alexis’ front door and put his COCHLEAR to work. He didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, until she guided him towards the back of the house.



Cocklear, an inner part of the ear.


Once in the kitchen he said, “It sounds like it might the supply line to your bathroom. Feel this, the drywall is SWOLLEN.”



Looking at wet drywall from the inside of the wall.


“I thought so too, but I don’t see any water.”


“If it is a water leak, it could be draining into your crawl space. Let’s take a look.” The moment he peeked his head under the house, he noticed his suspicions were correct. “We need to turn your water off until we find the leak.”


The next day, they had a friend, Jim, come over to help Raymond fix the problem. They had to cut out the damaged drywall on both sides of the wall and more to find and fix the leak. Problem fixed and job well done.



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