Happy Customers-10

Happy Customers-10


The three following photos were taken after my first Open-Mic Night at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, Md.


The first is Marsha and her friend Charlie. Marsha was nice enough to come to the show and make sure I had a friend in the audience, so I wouldn’t be so nervous. That was nice of her. Her and Charlie both bought books.



Marsha, Charlie and I, at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


Jane works at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) as a physical education instructor. She actually runs that department. It was nice to see another smiling friendly face in the crowd. That’s her husband and he actually shelled out the money for my book.



Myself, Jane and her husband at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


My poetry reading was sandwiched between four musical artist. These two young guys were in the second band. They played some excellent rock & roll. They really rocked the house. It surprised me when they walked over and bought a book. Too cool!



At Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


This guy is a photographer for the Maryland Independent and he was at the Market Place Event, which was held at the Old Port Tobacco Court House. He succumbed to my hard sell.



Market Day Event at Old Port Tobacco Courthouse in May 2017



I want to thank all of you for buying my book.


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