You three words, my little story, Debbie’s words: refrigerator, grass & mirror

Debbie’s words: refrigerator, grass & mirror


After cutting the GRASS, Debbie wanted to relax on her porch and enjoy a cold glass of tea, but first she just sat on the steps and rested a couple of minutes.


The plan was to drink her tea, edge the yard, call her accountant then call her friend Annie. However, lately her head didn’t seem to be screwed on right.


While sitting she couldn’t help, but think about tomorrow’s appointment. It didn’t feel like a big deal compared to last week, but it was concerning her bank account. She lost her job last month and money hasn’t found it’s way into her checking account since then.


With tea in hand, she walked away from the REFRIGERATOR and stopped by the hallway MIRROR to check her eyes. She’s been crying for a week, so the evidence of tears were still there, with no end in sight.


Her mom, Helen, died last week and it came as a big surprise to her and everyone else. Helen’s cold was more than that, it was advanced fourth stage lung cancer and it went unnoticed for a whole year except for the last week of her life.


Debbie’s financial problems had nothing to do with her mom’s death, but her mom left her a small fortune that will take care of her bills and much more. The money was needed, but she would do anything for another day with her mother.


She hesitated and picked up her phone before going back outside. She called Annie before reaching the door and immediately started crying. She thought, “I can edge the lawn later.”


After venting for an hour she hung up while sitting and forgot all of her plans to get through the day. She could only hope, that one day it would get easier.




9 thoughts on “You three words, my little story, Debbie’s words: refrigerator, grass & mirror

  1. Jim, I completely love this. You are so talented. I really mean it. I was riveted from the beginning to the end (and that is unusual for me). The funny thing is, my mom did die – in fact, that was a big inspiration for my work on forgiveness. Here’s a video I just did on that:

    To me, this story is a good balance of drama and character development and hints of something better.

    Thank you! Lots of love and blessings to all who read your work.

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  2. Thank you. I hope to eventually compose some number of these type of stories and publish a small book. I have more than fifty already written.

    How many do you think I should put in the book?


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