Your three words, my little story: Tammy’s words

Tammy’s words: sunshine, dogs & love


The sun hardly showed it’s shine yesterday, but today the weatherman’s report was, “Sunny and dry most of the day, but a slight chance of showers after seven this evening.”


That meant Tammy didn’t have to carry her umbrella while walking her dog this morning. She’s always been in LOVE with Tucker, and now she loved his weather report too.



Me and Tucker Barns on July 7, 2017’s Zip Trip to Waldorf, MD.


Allison was on vacation this week, so that meant Steve was anchoring along with Annie. After Tucker’s report Annie mentioned, “ In the 70’s and SUNSHINE, perfect day to take the DOGS to the park.”


Steve asked, “What about my cat?”



Me and Steve Chenevey on July 7, 2017’s Zip Trip to Waldorf, MD.


Tucker yelled across the floor, “You don’t have a cat.”


Erin said, “What about my cat then?”


That’s when Tucker surprised everyone by saying, “Your kitten would make a nice little snack for Steve’s Saint Bernard.”


Annie quickly responded with, “We’ll be right back with Erin’s traffic after a word from our sponsor.”



Annie Yu and I, on July 7, 2017’s Zip Trip to Waldorf, MD.


Just so happens, the first advertisement was about dog food and the next one was about animal cruelty. So Tucker started the next segment with an apology, which is not out of the ordinary for him.


After hearing all that, Tammy turned the tube off immediately. She wanted to forget what she just experienced, by taking her Shepard for a walk. It didn’t work as fast as she hoped it would.


Of course this story is fiction, but all three of these pictures were taken on July 7, 2017. Every Friday, Fox 5 in DC goes to a different local town and spotlights different places of interest. It’s called a Zip Trip and these pictures were when they came to Waldorf, MD.



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