Your three words, my little story: confiscate, pyramid, region

Your three words, my little story: confiscate, pyramid & region

In 1995, my ex wife and I took a trip to Israel, for the Holy Land Tour, hopefully it won’t be my last.

One of my strongest memories, of the trip, was how tan the scenery was. I guess it could have been a combination of the REGION and the excursion taken by our tour guide. It really wasn’t a colorful country, but to date it was the most exciting trip I ever took.




During the trip we visited the Tomb, where Jesus was laid to rest, after being crucified on the cross. Sea of Galilee, which our Pastor’s son was lucky enough to steer the boat on his thirteenth birthday. We stood on top of Masada, overlooking a grand sight including the Dead Sea. After that we actually floated in/on the Dead Sea. We saw many, many more historical sights, including the birthplace of Jesus Christ.




After visiting these famed points of interest, we were invited to continue the trip for four more days in Egypt, since we were close, the price would have been discounted. The thought of visiting ‘The Great Sphinx of Giza’, ‘Mount Sinai’ or stand by an authentic Egyptian PYRAMID was enticing, but we didn’t have the money to spend on another luxurious vacation, so we continued home.




We purchased several souvenirs while in Israel: one was a hat, that I bought at a little shop on a bend of the Jordan River, another was a dead misquote that was trapped inside some tree sap and we also bought some Jerusalem jelly.

Standing at customs, after landing back in the states, we were asked, “Do you have anything to claim?”

While we were thinking, I said, “This was a great vacation, but it’s really nice to be home.”

“Again, do you have anything to claim?”

Wondering if they were going to CONISCATE anything, I said, “We bought some really nice jelly. Is that what you’re talking about?”

“Is that all?”

“That’s it, as far as I can remember. Oh, I bought a misquote in some tree sap.”

They didn’t even open our bags, she simply waved us on, as she grinned and said, “Welcome home Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, nice to have you back.”


Fact or fiction? What are your thoughts?



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