Your three words, my little story; Andrew, Jadis, Rick

Your three words, my little story; Andrew, Jadis, Rick

The last time I saw ANDREW, was a few years ago in Northern Virginia. He was my defense attorney, for a jewel heist trail. That case was nothing compared to this one.




This time I was accused of murdering a DJ in Atlanta, Georgia. The victim’s name was Clay Moore. I met him years ago at a family reunion in Ellijay, Georgia. He was a terrible cook, but a good disk jockey. I told some people about his lack of culinary skills and he was killed shortly after that. I was dumbfounded, when I heard this. I didn’t think he deserved to be killed for making a terrible Sloppy Joe.

I was arrested with-in hours of his death, because of my, “…..terrible cook remark.”

I think it had something to do with the local Bar-B-Que Association. I heard through the grapevine, it was about battered meat.

I told him once, “You’re a great DJ and seem to be a nice guy.” But this information didn’t find it’s way to my defense council.

Wondering if Andrew could handle a case of this nature, I contacted Ben Matlock out of Atlanta. Ben told me, “Give me a day to look into your case. I’ll let you know, mid-day tomorrow.

Later that evening Andrew gave me more information about Clay’s death. He said, “Mr. Moore was struck in the head with a baseball bat several times, till he laid motionless in the street. We also found a witness, her name is JADIS and she’s coming to the Sherriff’s Office at 2 pm.”




Stunned, I asked, “What did she witness?”

She said, “The killer was wearing a leather jacket over a white t-shirt.”




Two-thirty that afternoon, I, along with four other men, stood in a line-up, wearing leather jackets. The police officer had each one of us step forward, turn to the left, to the right, then step back in line. Andrew told me later, “She choose number five.” I was number two.

Since all of the evidence against me was strictly circumstantial, they had no choice but to release me. I asked Andrew, “What’s up with number five?”

“It’s a guy named Negan. Apparently, Negan and Jadis were living together and a guy named RICK came between them. Negan got so angry, that he and his bat took it out on an innocent bystander.”




“So Clay, had nothing to do with it.”

Andrew said, “Yep, poor guy.”

“So what happens now?”

“Clay gets buried tomorrow, they’ve arrested Negan, Rick went back to Virginia, you’re free and I have a date with Jadis tonight.”


Fact or fiction? What are your thoughts?


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