Your three words, my little story: Michelle’s words – revel, phoenix and shiny

Remember my stories are fiction and in no way should be confused with reality.

Standing on a street of the largest city she ever visited, Michelle was filled with excitement, expectation and apprehension. This trip was more than a visit though, she lost everything to the COVID-19 pandemic. So she left the little town she sprung from and headed toward hope, dreams and a new dawn.

It was hard to behold the skyscrapers for more than a glance, because the reflection of the sun was almost unbearable. As she tilted her head down to sneeze and shield her eyes she noticed a SHINY new penny. Superstitions told her heads up was good luck, so she bent down and picked up the first gift the city gave her. Straightening back up she adjusted her clothes and stared at the turnstile that held her future. Hesitation filled her, but she felt regenerated and born again somewhat like a PHOENIX rising from the destruction. To REVEL in her excitement, pleasure and satisfaction would not justify her emotions. She stood straight, tall and proudly took a step and proceeded straight to the top.

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