Graduated with my First Degree

Hi guys. I didn’t get lost, I just took a little hiatus from the pleasure of writing to complete my Arts and Sciences Degree at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). I graduated that AA degree this spring (2021) and will pick up my diploma this summer. Now I am moving on to the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) toward a Bachelors’ Degree in English. I’m at the limit of transferable credits and will reverse transfer three English courses back to CSM and will graduate with my second AA Degree in January of 2022 – this one will be in English.

I have a lot of hat stories to incorporate in my ‘How ya like my hat?’ category and a good number of ‘Your three words, my little story’ stories will be coming up also. Please comment on them if you feel so inclined. Now back to writing!

The preceeding photos are from my latest craft/vendor sale at Coastal Arts Market (CAM) in Leonardtown, MD on May 15, 2021. The following photo is at CSM where spent a lot of time and finally will have something to hang on the wall.

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