Unavailable Tables



Unavailable Tables

I’m sitting in the La Plata Starbucks by myself. Normally when I’m there by myself I’m people watching, sometimes I chat with different people I know only from Starbucks and other times people from other venues of my life stop by and we babble for a while. The following is what I saw today.

I noticed two elderly well dress men, let’s call them the two business men, sitting in front of their computers. They were too far away for me to eavesdrop on their conversation and that’s the case for all involved. Through out this little story I will add some narrative to move the tale along. They looked like they were having an enjoyable chat, when one of them got up for some napkins and noticed a more suited corner table for their interlude. He came back to get his friend and they proceeded to pick up their gear and move to the corner spot. By the time they turned toward the new table, it was taken, so they sat back down and set up again.

The people that took the corner table were two attractive ladies, they seemed to be a mother and daughter couple, so for the purpose of this little yarn we’ll say they were. A few moments later their third party arrived and stood in front of them. He looked to be another business man type. He looked around searching for a better spot for their rendezvous and noticed an empty table across the room. He walked over to that table as the ladies picked up their possessions and followed him to it. That was the ladies second table.

A few moments later one of the first two business men stood up and saw the corner table was open, so they picked up their stuff and moved there, seemingly happy with their new spot they continued to smile and chat.

When the mother, daughter and business man saw the two business men move, they in turn grabbed all their paraphernalia and moved to the smaller table for what seemed to be a better choice for them. However it still wasn’t convenient to an electric outlet. This was the third spot for the lovely ladies. A few minutes later a table with an electric outlet right next to it became available and they moved there. This made the fourth local for the ladies. I heard the man say, “The music is too loud”.

Quickly the daughter said, “We’re not moving again”. At that point, I laughed out loud.

I couldn’t help but get up and tell everyone involved what I just watched. We all laughed and as I was walking back to my vantage point I thought, I might not ever see any of them again but it was nice to be a part of that little bit of nothing that only I saw.

Coastal Arts Market (CAM)

This is my first time at this event, but it seems to be a lively group of venders, with some beautiful scenery. I will be selling my two books poetry about my life and some photography.
This is a recurring event at 22500 Washington St. Leonard, MD 20650 from 9 am to 3 pm on 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17, 9/28 and 10/12.

More valued Charles County history

I added a new category, Letters to the editor, to my site. When I was moving my letters to the new category, I noticed this one was never uploaded to WorldPress at all, so here it is. I’m going to see if I can add it at the right chronological spot. I don’t if that’s possible, but here goes.


It’s my second published letter and it’s also about Charles County, Maryland history, like my first one.


2nd Letter to the Editor

Drugs have no boundries

Here’s my latest letter to the editor in the ‘Maryland Independent, which is my local county paper. You can find it on page A8 in the Wednesday, March 27, 2019 paper, in the ‘Letters to the editor’ section. It’s called, ‘Drugs have no boundries’.

This is my small battle against drugs, to join the larger war against it.







Your three words, my little story Rosita’s words-oil, water & feelings

Fridays have been Rose’s favorite day for years, not necessarily the mornings, because of work. She enjoyed her work, but she liked fishing on the weekends with her daughters, Lilly and Daisy, more. Her weekend began as soon as she got off work on Friday and ended early Monday morning, when they returned home. On Thursday nights they packed their bags, groceries and camping gear into the SUV, thus making their Friday morning ritual the same as any other week day morning. After work though, she picked up the girls from school and immediately took the hour long trip to the WATER. Lilly longed for the view of the distant tree line as they left the city, because she knew she would soon be fishing.




A store called, ‘Paul’s Fishery’, sat on the edge of the dense forest, which was half way to their favorite camp site. Paul sold bait and tackle in the convenient store on the left side of his building and had a butcher, seafood and deli counter on the right. Two hundred feet through the back door and past one of his open air dining areas was his fishery, where he raised and sold Minos, clams and shrimp, to name a few. Past that was his stable, where he had horses, goats, chickens and other livestock.


Rose stopped by the fishery every Friday evening at 6 pm like clockwork, because she had a standing dinner reservation under a backyard canopy with Paul. While they ate and flirted, the kids munched on candy and chips at the stable with the animals. Over the years they grew to have certain FEELINGS for each other, but were careful to keep them under wraps because of her children. Every weekend he offered her a job and she always politely declined with a smile, hug and kiss on the cheek.


What's so Funny 2-1


They left Paul’s and headed deep into the woods to their secret spot near the creek. Once there, the first thing Rose and Lilly did was cast a few lines to see what the fish were biting on. Daisy loved bug hunting, so she gathered wood for the fire while rummaging for caterpillars, worms and other free bait. After twenty minutes they set up camp, placed the poles for the overnight fishing and prepared for nightfall. Lilly always started the fire and stayed up most of the night reading and fishing by the firelight, while Rose and Daisy soon fell asleep listening to nature’s music by the water’s edge.




They’ve been coming here for years, and the kids didn’t realize it, but when their dad died, Rose needed to supplement her finances, so she learned to catch, clean and sale fish. This was fun quality time with the girls and helped with bills too. Monday came too soon and as they were packing up, Rose noticed and a puddle of OIL under her SUV. She knew nothing about cars, so the fear that it might not be something simple, hit her quickly. Thoughts of: What if she needed another engine-or car? Where would that money come from? That would be a lot of fish or maybe she would need a second job. When she thought of a second job she thought of Paul, so she stopped at Paul’s on the way home for some oil and a hug.