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You can buy my books here. I have two books of poetry, and they both include 25 poems, that tell the reader about my life. They start at my childhood, then progress to how life changed after my first wife left my two sons and I. Those poems lead into alcohol abuse, drug addiction, failed relationships, depression and at the end, how God pulled me out of the muck and mire and set me on a much better path.








Welcome to the place that sucks up most of my time. My books and blogs are fact, fiction or a mix of both and they are written in several different categories.

So far I have two published books of poetry called, Twilight to Son Shine and Life Changes. Also published are, a short story called Family Doctor, six newspaper articles and four published photos. 

All of my work; including books, stories, quotes and pictures are copyrighted by me. We have a guest blog section and all of their work and pictures (if applicable) are copyrighted by them. Hope you enjoy your time here and please feel free to leave me three unrelated words in the comment section below.


My site is still a work in progress, much like myself. Please understand, that I’m an amateur writer trying to learn my way through the letters and periods. There will be mistakes, so feel free to help me along.


If you follow me by email, don’t forget to check your spam folder for the confirmation email.


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20 thoughts on “J F McDonald

  1. Hi Brian. The next Maryland Writers Association (MWA) meeting is this Wednesday at the La Plata campus at CSM. It’s in the BI building in room 214 at 7pm. If you want call me before and I’ll guide you in.


  2. Hi Jim. Thank you for your time and advice earlier today. I noticed you mentioned something about MWA meeting in one of your comments. When will be the next meeting and where?


  3. It was nice meeting you too Brenda. As you know the next Maryland Writers Association (MWA) meeting is at the BI building in room 214 at 7pm. Matt and my self might be a little late, because we sit on the board of Christmas in April and it meets the same night every month but at 6pm. See you there.


  4. Hey Jim so sorry you’ve not been feeling well. We met @ a Divine appointment in a Walmart line today.
    Enjoyed talking to you and looking forward to meeting you and other writers Wednesday night. I’m new to Blogging so bear with me until I get the hang of it. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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