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Book and blog reviews

from last to first

You are a genius Jim! 3 words out of nowhere and ta-daaa! Love it! 😊💛



I just read your past,present, future posts! That’s one of the reasons I nominated you! Great concept!!🙂



I cruised through your entire blog today and read quite a few of your entries. My favorite blogs are Past, Present & Plans. You are a wonderful storyteller, and since you and I have similar backgrounds, I really love reading about yours….

Gwyn Warren


Alright Jim! I read your story, Family Doctor and really enjoyed it. The writing just naturally drew me in and almost from the start I wanted to keep reading to find out what this guy’s story was and what would happen next. It was touching at the end and a little sad to realize for just a moment he had lived out one of his fantasies from that picture on his wall. So… what happened next??

Gwyn Dooley


A new voice on the literary scene. This writer is going somewhere.



I like the ” past, present and plans”…… But really, I’m fond of all your posts ❤

Carolyn Pennington


I”m here Jim I like all of your writings. My hat is always funny.

Earlene Reed


This, to me,is one of your best…..rod mc Kuen style and has similar meaning as in his work…..simple, to the point…..don’t let this be your only perception of time…..

Carol Pinter’s, comment about my poem Time


Past, Present and Plans is my favorite category… little snapshots of the past while dealing with everyday life in the present and looking to the future. Your blog is very personal. Only good can come of that. Keep up the good work!

Gwyn Dooley


Best wishes in your endeavors. 3 – Seismic, barren and Tomato



“Mr. McDonald will be long remembered as the tugboat captain-turned writer on the craggy Potomac ports of modern day America. His tone reminds us of our childhoods, hearing stories at the dinner table long into the night. A true writer is born. Fun to watch the bud and bloom of hard work. I look forward to three word stories. A must read for all.”

Carrie Olson-reviewer of 7th grade Social Studies and paid book reviewer of Anne Arundel Public Schools.

Carrie Olson


Good job don’t give up on your dream Jim.

Jim Levine


Great job — love the header photo!! Keep up the good work–

Jenny Johnson


Great job so far!!! Keep it up!!



Looks nice Jim. I really like the background!



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