Your three words, my little story

Jen’s words: snuggle, rhinoceros and teal

    This was an adventurer Jen and husband has been looking forward too for years. The ten day tour of Kenya encluded the flight, hotel and of course a safari. The safari is what Jen wanted and she could hardly wait to see the wildlife. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Well no tigers and bears, but they’ll probably see some lions, elephants and RHINOCEROS.

    Her hubby didn’t care as much about the safari as she did. He was anxouse to lay down on the king size bed. They left their kids with mom, so he was looking forward to no cell phone, no work and no alarm clock. Resting and just being able to SNUGGLE with Jen was his prize. They made a deal with each other, the first couple of days will be rest and relaxation, next four days a safari, then round it out with a little night life.

    The last day was coming and it was such a let down. However they missed their kids, so they couldn’t wait to get back to their normal life. The last night was dancing and Jen was surprised with two gifts from hubby. One was a little trinket for her charm bracelet and the other was a beautiful TEAL evening gown, that he hid from her the whole trip.


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