Your three words, my little story 8-7-16

Dave’s words-addictive, confident & expressive

Dave was feeling pretty good after passing the bar. He’s wanted to be an attorney ever since his uncle was found not guilty for his part in a drug deal. The uncle was a good trustworthy man, but had a very ADDICTIVE personality. If it felt good, he wanted to do it again and again and again. The ability to clear some ones name and set them free seemed like an awful lot of power. Now he has that power, if he’s any good.

He won his first case out of the gate, this gave him the CONFIDENCE he needed to exceed in his new business. After that he won most of his cases, even the ones he thought were guilty. Regardless if they were guilty or not his job was to get them off.

First off he figured he needed to show reasonable doubt. As he would walk around the court room he learned to put on a show. He realized the more EXPRESSIVE his show was the more the jury would pay attention to him. He had to get the court room involved in his clients life, so he would find out as much about their life as possible. Then put it all on the line.


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