How ya like my hat? Stetson (true story)

How ya like my hat? Stetson (true story)


This is one of my favorite hats, ever since ’95. Our “Vacation Bible School” theme at Forest Park Baptist Church that year was Cowboys and Indians. I bought it at Fred’s Saddlery in Waldorf for forty dollars, but this picture was taken in 2012.

That year the pastor asked me to take over the fifth and sixth grade boy’s Sunday School class. I did NOT want to do it, but I prayed about it and said yes. With in two weeks, I was asked to combine our class with the fifth and sixth grade girl’s class. I accepted, but by years end I knew what I already suspected. I was better suited for the Prison Ministry, which God used me to bring to the church the year before.

I excelled at the Prison Ministry, especially since I had inside knowledge of this particular jail. I knew how it felt to live there, because I lived there years before. I knew that the best meal was hamburger and french fries night and I knew how stingy they were with the condiments. I had insight on a number of the little things that we take for granted out here. This gave me a connection with the guys and they listened to what I had to say. All I can surely say, is that a seed was planted.




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